Gangrape victim back on ventilator, platelet count dips

New Delhi, Dec 23; The 23-year-old victim of a brutal gangrape was Sunday put back on the ventilator and her condition remains critical, though she is conscious and communicating, doctors said Sunday.

The young woman, who was subjected to savage torture and rape by six men a week ago, underwent a minor surgical procedure where her abdomen was given a “wash” and the fluid that had collected was drained, a team of doctors said in a bulletin on the patient’s health condition.

The woman’s platelet condition has dipped further, from 41,000 in the morning to 19,000 in the evening – an indication of infection in her blood.

“She has now a platelet count of 19,000… her platelet count is fluctuating, and we gave her two units of platelets,” said P.K. Verma, ICU in-charge at Safdarjung hospital.

Verma said while there is no bleeding, the risk of infection continues as the patient’s platelet count is fluctuating.

“And because she was in distress, she is back on ventilation support,” the expert added.

The patient had shown signs of “breathing distress” Saturday night due to which she was put through an ultrasound and a CT scan, which showed collection of fluid in her abdomen.

“The ultra sound and CT scan showed fluid collection and we decided to do a thorough wash with antibiotics and put a drain, to check infection and to drain out whatever fluid is collecting,” said a doctor.

“She is fully conscious and communicating,” said doctor, Sunil Jain, adding that the woman was being “made to sit up, and given a sip of water.. we are also doing exercises of her lower limbs and other physiotherapy.”

The doctors reiterated that the young woman is still in the critical period, “the critical period is not over yet” because there is still sepsis in her abdomen.

Jain said the patient’s “age is in her favour and helping her to get her out of the trauma with her quick recovery”.

The doctors said the woman was given anaesthesia and put on the ventilator before being given the abdomen wash between 2 p.m. and 2.30 p.m. Sunday.. Though she is out of anaesthesia they put her on ventilator support in the evening.

“We plan to electively continue with the ventilator..we feel it will help improve her condition…We expect improvement, but she continues to be serious and may need further investigations,” the doctor said.

Jain said the patient continues to be in the ICU.

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